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Dinkar Kamat
Dinkar KamatUpdated 10 months ago

Free keyboard shortcut utility

CheatSheet is a free utility app that lets you see keyboard shortcuts with a press of a button. Developed by Media Atelier, this tool has become a popular productivity tool since you no longer have to memorize all keyboard shortcuts, it’s a literal cheat sheet for the dozens of shortcut combinations available on your device.

CheatSheet ranks among the most recommended essentials, together with Free Mac Data Recovery and OnyX, in terms of usefulness and how they basically make life easier for their users. With this app, expect a boost in your productivity and output as you have every shortcut right at your fingertips.

See all available shortcuts

CheatSheet is a useful addition to your setup at just a small file size, only a little over 1MB. Once you have it installed, it informs you how to use it. Regardless of the app that’s open, you only need to hold the Command Key for two seconds and it will open a separate screen showing all keyboard shortcuts available, sorted by category and purpose. You can then either key in the command or simply click the shortcut on the panel to execute them.

This gives unprecedented convenience and access to users who are using different apps–from those working with the programs under Microsoft Office 2021 to those looking for convenient controls for Minecraft. You can use almost any app and will still use the utility app with the same controls. Also, it has the unparalleled convenience of letting you simply press the command as shown on the screen using your mouse. 

Not a universal solution

This is an ideal companion for people looking to reduce their time in doing clerical work with their devices. After only waiting two seconds, holding the Command Key, they get to see all available shortcuts for a particular app. Not only does this eliminate the need to search for those commands individually, but the tool also serves as a periodic reminder of these shortcuts. In time, users will be familiar with the keyboard shortcuts, especially the ones they use more often.

One important point to make with CheatSheet is that it doesn’t support all apps. There are apps that simply don't use or support keyboard shortcuts. On the other hand, there are apps that are not supported by the free utility. This means that pressing the Command Key for more than two seconds will reveal an empty panel. Furthermore, there’s no official list of which apps are supported and which are not. There’s no way to know but to test if the apps you use have their keyboard shortcuts made accessible.

Still a recommended app

Overall, the CheatSheet app is a convenient tool to have. Although it doesn’t have universal coverage in terms of supported apps, it covers most of the apps an average user needs. From office and productivity to lifestyle, and even some games, there’s a lot of programs you can use with it. Additionally, it has a long-term benefit for users, helping them recognize and memorize the usual commands they use.


  • Has options in executing the shortcuts
  • Helps users memorize commands in the long run
  • Reduces time with quick use


  • Doesn't work for all apps

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CheatSheet for Mac

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.2
  • 3.9
  • (267)
  • Security Status

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